Journey to Being Her (Journal)
Journey to Being Her (Journal)

Journey to Being Her (Journal)

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No matter our walk of life, we all have an innate desire to become the best version of ourselves. As a friend, sister, daughter, and maybe partner or mom, women are often pulled in so many directions that she can lose sight of who she is and will become. When we lose our focus, we become stuck in phases and places we no longer belong.

The Journey to Being Her is for the woman whose once solid friendships seem to be slipping away. The Journey is for the woman who just can’t seem to move on from her ex. It is for the woman who lost her focus while grieving the loss of a loved one like I did. This is for the woman who knows she’s losing focus and can’t stop beating herself up about it.

This 194-page self-discovery journal is designed with 6 weeks of daily lessons in matters of the heart, mind, and spirit. It includes:

  • Journal prompts that provoke thought, increase self-awareness, and help you own your emotions
  • Action planning guides to activate your peak performance in goal setting and achievement
  • Activities to help you unlock and get “unstuck” in major areas of your life
  • Affirmations to speak life into you each day

The Journey to Being Her journal is the therapist, best friend, and homegirl wrapped up in one. By working through each lesson, you’ll relieve stress, embrace your vulnerability, and realize who your HER is so that you may fearlessly be her.


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